Midwest Mindfulness- A 6 day/5 Night Silent Retreat May 2018

A six day, five night silent teacher-led, Mindfulness Retreat May 2018


Co-Sponsored by the The University Of Massachusetts Medical School Center for Mindfulness and Mindful-Way Stress Reduction Programs

Midwest Mindfulness- A 6 day/5 Night Silent Retreat May 2018

May 13th - 18th 2018

Led by Beth Mulligan and Jon Aaron

5637 Erie St
Racine, Wisconsin 53402
United States
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This teacher-led silent residential mindfulness meditation retreat, on the banks of Lake Michigan at the beautiful Sienna Retreat Center in Racine Wisconsin is designed to support practitioners of all levels in cultivating and deepening your practice. Our Silent retreat is co-sponsored by the UMASS Center for Mindfulness and  fulfills the Oasis /CFM 6-day/5 night retreat prerequisite for people interested in mindfulness teacher training, and is open to everyone with some meditation experience.

All accomodations are single rooms with an en-suite bathroom, fee all inclusive.

Refund Policy:  Cancellation Before February 17th refund minus $100.00 admin fee. After Feb 17th refund minus 30%,  February 28th- March 31st refund minus 50%. March 31st -April 21st refund minus 65%. After April 21st no refund. 

This Retreat is full, to be placed on a waiting list please email sarrichards@gmail.com

Co-Sponsored by the UMASS Center for Mindfulness and Mindful-Way



For Sarah Richards, email sarrichards@gmail.com or call 801-809-8933

For Adrian Estrada mindfulAdrian@gmail.com 760-808-7066, email sarrichards@gmail.com or call 801-809-8933

This Mindful-Way Mindfulness Meditation Retreat is a way to come home to ourselves, and find some clarity and perspective on what is most meaningful in our lives. It is an intensive, residential, teacher-led,  silent  retreat, which emphasizes the deep understanding and practice of mindfulness meditation in its most universal and inclusive expression.

While open to all students who are willing to undergo the discipline of silent retreat, this mindfulness retreat also fulfills one of the retreat prerequisites for attending the Oasis Institute for Mindfulness-Based Professional Education and Training. It is also serves as a prerequisite for any Mindfulness-Based Intervention training as well as a support for experienced teachers.

This  mindfulness retreat includes meditation instruction, individual interviews with certified MBSR instructors, talks by senior teachers, guided sessions of mindfulness meditation practice, movement exercises, and mindful eating, as well as sessions of contemplation and teachings to deepen the understanding of the practice. During the retreat, there will be one small group interview session and one brief individual interview.The Mindfulness Meditation Retreat is based on the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) principles developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli at the Center for Mindfulness in the University of Massachusetts Medical School.  We do not provide trasportation to the retreat center but you can find details here, or contact Sarah to see about possible ride-shares.

Program Goals

  • Provide a safe and nourishing environment for the cultivation and development of a deep and grounded mindfulness meditation practice.
  • Foster a rigorous retreat experience – independent of a specific religious outlook – that fulfills Oasis Institute 
  • Offer excellent support and guidance from highly trained and experienced teachers and meditation instructors.
  • Practice noble silence to develop a strong container for deepening meditation practice.

For those who are new to meditation practice, please be aware that practicing for a week in silence can be an intensive and challenging – as well as a highly rewarding – experience. 

The first day of retreat begins with registration between 3-5 PM followed by dinner at 6:00 PM and formal retreat practice at 7:30 PM. Daily Schedule will run from 6:30 AM to 9:00 PM and will consist of periods of guided and unguided meditation, Movement, Walking, and talks by the teachers. 

Joshua Tree Retreat Center

Participant Guidelines


Participants are strongly encouraged to attend all practice sessions.


Means no conversation except during formal interviews. No reading, writing or use of technology except under special circumstances where you may need to maintain contact with the outside world i.e. (illness of a family member, etc). 


  • Non-judging
  • Patience
  • Beginner’s mind
  • Trust
  • Non-striving
  • Acceptance
  • Letting go


  • Self-care
  • Confidentiality
  • Listening and participating
  • Silence
  • Non-disruptive
  • Genuine effort
  • No food or drink (except water) in meditation room

Refund Policy:  Cancellation Before February 17th refund minus $100.00 admin fee. After Feb 17th refund minus 30%,  February 28th- March 31st refund minus 50%. March 31st -April 21st refund minus 65%. After April 21st no refund except for certain special circumstances and/or if we can fill your spot. 



Beth Mulligan

Beth Mulligan

Beth Mulligan, PA-C is a certified MBSR teacher, teacher trainer, and adjunct faculty through the UMASS Center for Mindfulness. She has been teaching MBSR for over a decade to diverse populations; from the critically ill, to non-profit organizations, the underserved, educators, and corporate leaders. She currently teaches at the Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine at UCI and Insight LA. Beth teaches the 10-week and nine-day practicum for teachers in training nationally and internationally. Beth is a certified Mindful Self-Compassion teacher and teacher trainer and does international training for the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion.

Beth has a background in primary care medicine as a Board Certified Physician Assistant having graduated Magna cum Laude from Duke University and has practiced medicine for over thirty years. She is a long time student of Charles Tenshin Fletcher, Roshi at Yokoji Zen Mountain Center where she has lived in residence. Beth is the Guiding Dharma teacher at Insight Community of the Desert and is a certified yoga instructor.

Beth is the Author of The Dharma of Modern Mindfulness, New Harbinger Publications

Jon Aaron

Jon Aaron

Jon Aaron trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction at the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, and is certified through the CFM. He has taught over 65 cycles of the seminal curriculum, as well as numerous courses for alumni of the program. Jon is  an MBSR teacher trainer, having completed this advanced level of trianing through the UMASS Center for Mindfulness. He is a co-founding member of New York Mindfulness Meditation Collaborative.

Jon is a Dharma teacher at the New York Insight Meditation Center, as well as the guiding teacher of the Makom Meditation Havurah program at the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan. He is also Senior Trainer and Consultant with The Potential Project, a leading global organization specialized in bringing mindfulness to the workplace.

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