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You may order introduction to mindfulness I-Tunes and pay for One on One Mindfulness consultation on this page. Sign up for classes, retreats and special programs on the schedule page.

Download Mindfulness Meditation from i-tunes

You can now download the "Mindfulness meditations for Reducing Stress and Increasing Joy" on I-Tunes.
These tracks are available seperately or you can download all 5 tracks which include instructions for and guided sitting meditations, and instructions and a guided body scan meditation. These are foundational exercises for cultivating mindfulness for stress reduction.
You must have I-Tunes installed on your computer, or install it when prompted

Mindfulness Meditations on itunes
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One on One Mindfulness Phone / Video Consultation.

We offer Personal Phone/video call Mindfulness consultations to help support your mindfulness practice or mindfulness training.
Sessions are approximately 60 minutes in duration (or longer by arrangement)
(Please note; This is not a counselling or therapy service)

Private Phone/Video Mindfulness Consultation $125.00/Hr

Workplace Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Training
Mindfulness, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction training is now being used by many Businesses and organisations including Google, Boeing, Hitachi, General Mills, and NASA:
Mindful-Way already provides custom Classes, Workshops, Seminars, and employee wellness programs both on-site and off-Site for Businesses, Universities, Government Agencies, and Medical Centers. We can help your organization to reduce Stress, raise awareness, improve communication, and lower days lost due to illness. Groups and individual consultations by arrangement. Call us. We'll be happy to discuss your particular requirements.

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Make a Donation.
Mindful-Way offers scholarships and discounts to make our classes, retreats and materials available to people who cannot otherwise afford them. You can support our efforts through your donations. Thanks.

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