Mindfulness Workplace and Business Training Programs

Increased awareness of the staggering costs of multitasking, poor decision making, absenteeism and stress related illness combined with the increasing body of research into the effects of mindfulness practice has fueled a growing interest in the use of mindfulness in business and workplace to enhance work performance and overall well being for executives, managers and employees.

Since 2003 Mindful-Way has been providing a range of mindfulness based programs to corporations, universities, medical centers and government agencies throughout southern California. Students/clients for our mindfulness trainings have included execs from the tech sector, educators, accounting staff, hospitality industry employees, health professionls and medical staff, engineering and construction professionals, social service workers, as well as people of every age and from all walks of life who attend our public mindfulness based MBSR programs and mindfulness based retreats.

Mindful-Way's mindfulness in the workplace programs and mindfulness for business trainings can be custom tailored to suit the needs of your organization.

Clinical trials, as well as extensive experience, show that the practice of mindfulness:

1. Dramatically improves our stress management, making us better able to deal with challenges created by workloads, deadlines and interpersonal conflict.

2. Creates greater mental clarity and focus, upgrading our capacity for critical thinking and problem solving.

3. Enhances our focus on the present moment, thereby promoting greater engagement in the here and now – of particular importance to those operating in high risk environments.

4. Improves awareness of our own thought processes and the emotions they trigger, enabling more effective emotional regulation and resilience.

5. Increases our capacity to read other people, increases understanding of where they may be coming from and enhances empathy.

6. Unleashes our capacity for innovation and creativity.

7. Promotes new possibilities in difficult team or interpersonal relationships by replacing habitual reactions with more considered responses.

8. Supports a more panoramic perspective, better able to manage change.

9. Enriches our appreciation of the greater meaning and purpose in what we do.

Mindful-Way's mindfulness in the workplace programs and mindfulness for business trainings can be custom tailored to suit the needs of your organization.

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We offer Custom Classes, Workshops, Seminars and On or Off-Site Trainings to help you.

  • Bring Mindfulness to your office for a 1-2 hour presentation or,
  • Half day or all-day mindfulness training retreats.
  • Multi-class mindfulness training series, 1-2 hours per week, 4 - 8 week programs.
  • Full 8 week MBSR programs (Most widely researched model) .
  • Address issues specific to your type of business and staff.
  • Learn techniques to increase focus, productivity, and innovation.
  • Improve productivity, communication and morale in the workplace.
  • Reduce absenteeism and poor performance due to stress related issues.

  • Topics covered include.
    • Mindfulness: Paying attention in an open, non-judgmental way to what we are doing and what is around us in the present moment.
    • Mindfulness & Physiology, the Stress Reaction Cycle, and how stress effects our brain and our health and how mindfulness helps.
    • Education on various topics of mindfulness as related to emotional intelligence, effective communication, and work stress.
    • Learning and refining one of four mindfulness practices including relaxation excercises, sittng meditation and gentle yoga.
    • practical suggestions on incorporating mindfulness throughout the workplace.
    • Participants are encouraged to bring these practices into all areas of their life.
    • Supportive instructional CD's and other materials are available at the class/presentation or through our Website.

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    Organizations already using mindfulness in the workplace:

    Aetna International, Apple Computers, Boeing, Cargill, Inc. Compusense, Deutsche Bank, eBay, Facebook, Ford Motor Company, Genentech, General Mills, Google, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Hitachi, Hughes Aircraft, Kaiser Permanente, Nortel Networks, Plantronics, Target, Texas Instruments, Twitter, United Online, Yahoo, as well as many Business Schools, NASA and the US Department of Defense:

    Some data on costs of stress in the workplace:

    World Health Organization study 2012; Cost of workplace stress in US $300Bn annually

    Bureau of National Affairs; 40% of job turnover is due to stress

    Northwest National Life; 1,000,000 workplaces absences per day are stress related.

    According to data from Basex, a Yorktown Heights, New York-based business research firm, the estimated annual cost to the U.S. economy in loss of productivity from multitasking is $997 billion and a minimum of 28 billion hours

    CIPD; 2012 absence management survey by CIPD a global HR development organization. Stress was the most common cause of long term sickness, absences, for manual and non manual employees.
    26% of employees report that they are "often" or “very often” burned out or severely stressed at their work. Source: The Families and Work Institute

    Emotional distress and mental illness account for 20-30% of all employee absenteeism and industrial accidents, and mental or emotional problems at work exceeded physical causes as the primary reason for worker absenteeism for the first time ever in 1998.

    Some feedback and data on mindfulness in the workplace:

    89% of General Mills senior executives said they had become better listeners as a result of ‘mindfulness’ training

    "Working in the corporate world I was looking for a way to aleviate stress... I learned how to cope with my stress through meditation and yoga in a way that has benefited my life. These are tools that can be used anywhere, I say try it!"
    -Sammy S. Computer Executive

    "The mindfulness practices have helped me to think more clearly. I find solutions to problems that are not new problems but I have a new perspective. I am so much more in tune with my surroundings and notice things now that I would not have been mindful of before. This class, using mindfuilness practices yields amazing results.""
    -G.B. RN

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