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Welcome to Mindful Way

Mindful-Way.com is a Mindfulness education, training and mindfulness program development company. We teach mindfulness based interventions including the world renowned MBSR program in universities, medical centers, corporations, government agencies and non profit organizations. Mindful-Way also develops and delivers custom mindfulness programs to meet our clients specific needs and resources.

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Mindful-Way also offers Mindfulness retreats, mindfulness workshops, and a range of other mindfulness based courses including mindful eating programs. We also support mindfulness training through our mentorship and one on one mindfulness education programs.
Our programs teach people how to cultivate mindfulness to reduce the effects of stress, and to take better care of themselves which can lead to an increase in well being, greater clarity and higher performance and improve overall quality of life. Our mindfulness courses offer Intensive training in mindfulness meditation, relaxation and yoga style movement, with supportive group discussions. Our teachers are all highly trained and proficient in delivering effective and accessible mindfulness programs.


Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, a molecular biologist, created the mindfulness based stress reduction program in 1979 at The University of Massachusetts Medical Center.
He collected ancient healing practices, translated them into modern western language and brought them right into the heart of a major hospital.
His goal was to utilize the Mind-Body connection to help people in treating complex health issues.
Mindfulness and the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program have been the subject of many clinical studies and has consistently been found to be an effective way to increase awareness, work with stress, boost the immune system, compliment traditional treatments, improve performance and overall well being.
There are now more than 300 programs at hospitals in the US and Europe, and mindfulness is being adopted by institutions and organization throughout the world as a way to help patients, students, employees and executives.
It was featured on the Bill Moyers' PBS series Healing and the Mind, NBC's Dateline and ABC's Chronicle.
It is also the subject of Dr. Kabat-Zinn's best-selling books Full Catastrophe Living and Coming To Our Senses.

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